Updated Spring Schedule Below!

Please read the disclaimer at the bottom about class promotions: Remember, ballet is like school, where students stay the entire year in the same class to build their technique, culminating in the year-end recital in May. Please do not enroll you child in a more advanced level in the Spring unless a teacher has specifically told your child that they are ready. Fall semester is when promotions happen, and only when appropriate. It is not usual for dancers to spend 2-3 years at each level, especially in ballet 2 and above. If you have questions about placement- please email schramelconservatory@gmail.com. Thank you!


Classes start Monday, January 8th, 2018

Check out our calendar to see the full list of important dates for this upcoming semester.

Reminder: Spring Break is April 2nd-7th. No Youth or Adult Classes


SCOD 2018 Spring Semester 920 Terpsichore Street

  •          CLASS SCHEDULE

  •             Time       Class                            Studio                 Teacher

  • Monday

  •             4:15-5:15 Primary Ballet (5-7 yr)      Studio A           Margie

  •             4:15-5:00 Pre-Ballet (3 & 4 yr)          Studio B          Lisa

  •             5:15-6:15 Ballet II-III (9 over)           Studio B           Mei-Ling

  •             5:15-6:25 Ballet III+IV (10 over)       Studio A            Lisa

  •             6:30-8:00 Ballet V & VI -Int/Adv      Studio A            Mei-Ling


  • Tuesday

  •             10:00-11:30 Adult Int/Adv.               Studio A            Margie

  •             4:15-5:15  Primary Ballet (5-6yr)    Studio A             Mei-Ling

  •             4:15-5:15 Primary Ballet (7 yr)       Studio C             Hannah

  •             4:15-5:00 Pre-Ballet (3 & 4 yr)        Studio B             Lisa

  •             5:15-5:45 Tap I (5-7 yr)                    Studio C             Lisa

  •             5:45-6:30 Tap II (8-11 yr)                 Studio C             Lisa

  •             5:15-6:25 Ballet III-IV (10 over)      Studio A            Felicia

  •             5:15-6:15 Ballet II–III (9 over)        Studio B            Mei-Ling

  •             6:30-8:00 Ballet V & VI -Int/Adv    Studio A             Felicia

  •             6:30-7:30 Adult Beg. Ballet          Studio B            Mei-Ling


  • Wednesday


  •             4:15-5:15 Primary Ballet (5-7 yr)   Studio A            Kit

  •             4:15-5:15 Ballet I (7-8 yr)               Studio B           Lisa

  •             5:15-6:15 Ballet IV/ Int. Pointe      Studio A           Lisa

  •             5:15-6:15 Ballet II (8-10 yr)            Studio B            Kit

  •             6:30-8:00 Ballet V & VI –Int/Adv    Studio A           Margie

  •                            (Pointe/Variations Class)


  • Thursday

  •             10:00-11:30 Adult Int/Adv.             Studio A             Mei-ling

  •             4:15-5:15 Ballet II (8-10 yr)            Studio A             Lisa

  •             4:15-5:15 Ballet I (7-8 yr)              Studio B             Mei-Ling

  •             5:15-6:15 BOYS CLASS                    Studio B             TBD

  •             5:15-6:25 Ballet III & IV                 Studio A             Greg/Felicia

  •              *6:30- 7:30 Adult Int. Beg. Ballet Studio B             Mei-Ling

  •             6:30-8:00 Ballet V & VI -Int/Adv    Studio A             Greg/Felicia


  • Friday

  •             5:00-6:15 Contemporary               Studio TBD          Maya

  •             5:30-8:30 Open for rehearsal      Studio TBD


  • Saturday

  •             10:00-11:30 V & VI -Int/Adv,           Studio A                Margie

  •             9:00-9:45 Pre-Ballet (3 & 4)         Studio B                Hannah

  •             12:30-4:00 open for Rehearsal


  • *Indicates New Class



  •  Age ranges for classes are guidelines and are based on students having completed and mastered the technique of all prior levels. Our teachers will be able to advise which level is appropriate for your student and will make final decisions about the best placement.  If you are unsure, please feel free to email us with questions. 



Students are Not to self promote themselves to the next level mid-year (school year), regardless of age.

All Promotions happen in the fall of each year according to teacher recommendation, unless one of our teachers specifically informs the student that he/she is ready for another class in the Spring Semester. 


PRIVATE CLASSES AVAILABLE WITH MOST TEACHERS! Please contact SCOD for more details schramelconservatory@gmail.com