Schramel Conservatorty of Dance Dress Code

Girls enrolled in dance classes at Schramel Conservatory must wear black leotard, pink full footed tights and pink ballet slippers. Students at level III and above will be considered for pointe and directors will determine when a student is ready for pointe. Girls in our Pre-Ballet classes may wear a simple black or chiffon ballet skirt. 

Hair must be secured in a clean, high bun for Ballet I through advanced level classes. If a child is unable to secure the hair, they will not be allowed to advance to the graded levels I-Advanced. Proper hair is essential for learning turning skills in the higher level classes. 

Boys enrolled in dance classes at Schramel Conservatory should wear black or gray tights, black ballet slippers and a t-shirt. Boys in our Pre-ballet classes may wear shorts, t-shirts and ballet slippers. Dance belts should be worn by students in the Ballet II level and higher.

Children enrolled in our Schramel Conservatory's Contemporary / Modern dance classes are allowed to wear black footless tights.

Adults may wear any appropriate dance attire. Since the studio has a Marley dance floor, ballet slippers and point shoes are the preferred footwear. No dark soled shoes allowed in studio.