Gregory & Marjorie Schramel ,  Artistic and Assoc. Artistic Directors

Gregory & Marjorie Schramel, Artistic and Assoc. Artistic Directors

Returning native son, Gregory Schramel and wife Marjorie Hardwick, after dancing as Principals and Soloists in Miami City Ballet, Cincinnati Ballet, Atlanta Ballet and Dallas Ballet, established the New Orleans Ballet Theatre (NOBT) in December of 2002 to offer audiences a unique dance experience steeped in the contemporary traditions honed by such dance luminaries as George Balanchine, Maurice Bejart and Twyla Tharp. The company reflects the decidedly international flavor of the city, drawing professional classical ballet dancers from South America and Europe as well as New Orleans.

The New Orleans Ballet Theatre arrives at a time when the city is poised to become a significant presence on the international dance landscape. New Orleans Ballet Theatre's foremost goal is to capitalize on this momentum by providing locally

trained dancers an opportunity to thrive in their own community, create and express their own personal artistic voice and give back to a city which for too long has exported its best and brightest.

Additionally, the artistic directors teach hundreds of underprivileged girls free ballet classes each year through the Girls First program. We invite you to join the company in this quest and ask for your support in creating and sustaining a world-class ballet company reflective of the lustrous and diverse culture that is uniquely New Orleans.

New Orleans Ballet Theatre is 501c3 compliant, not for profit foundation exempt from federal income tax, classified as 509a2.





Artistic Director
Gregory Schramel

Assoc. Artistic Director
Marjorie Schramel

Administrative Director
Lisa Keller MacCurdy

Publicity & Outreach
Mei-Ling Murray Rees

Kit Braddick

Lisa Keller MacCurdy

Felicia McPhee

Mei-Ling Murray

Denise Outselet

Marjorie Schramel

Barre Association Chairs
Marianna Clayton

Maribeth Del Castillo

Virginia Sweet Dupuy

Lori Gordillo


Board of Directors


Ben Allen

Dan Falstad

Marianna Clayton

Jane Davis

Sweet Dupuy

Matthew Emory

Alison Hartman

Aaron Jackson

Donna Maselli

Suzanne Phelps

Kathleen Zuniga