Youth Program

Schramel Conservatory of Dance offers ballet, tap and contemporary / modern dance classes for children of all ages from beginners to advanced, following the American Ballet Theatre guidelines for ballet training and dancer health. At Schramel Conservatory of Dance, all of the teachers on our staff are classically trained dancers who have had careers in professional dance companies throughout the United States and internationally.

Fall 2019 Registration Now Open

Please note the following classes are full:

Monday Pre-Ballet 4:15-5:00pm

Monday Primary Ballet 4:15-5:15pm

Tuesday Primary 4:00-5:00pm

Tuesday Pre-Ballet 4:15-5:15pm

Tuesday Primary 4:15-5:15pm

Wednesday Primary Ballet 4:15-5:15pm

Wednesday Ballet 1 4:15-5:15pm

Thursday Ballet 1 4:15-5:15pm





Steps to Register

1. Level placement

Contact Schramel Conservatory for level placement. Students are placed in a level according to age and ability.

2. Registration form

Fill out the Registration Form and submit to enroll.

3. Pay Tuition Online

Please note that there is an annual $25 registration fee per family due each year at the start of the Fall semester. Don’t forget to add it to your cart in the online check-out. Both the completed registration form and payment is required to reserve a spot in the class. If you are not holding a spot in a particular class, tuition is due no later than the first day of class, granted there is room still available.

Ways to Register

  1. Pre-registration Online

    You can register online by emailing the completed registration form to and paying tuition online.

  2. In person

    You can bring your registration/release form and payment in person and drop in our mailbox at 920 Terpsichore. You can also bring your forms and payment the the first day of class (starting August 26th), but please note several classes may be at capacity by that time and no longer accepting students.

  3. Mail

    You can mail your completed registration form and payment to our address:

    Schramel Conservatory of Dance

    920 Terpsichore Street, NOLA 70130

Class Descriptions

  • Pre-Ballet (3-4yrs)

This class is 45 minutes and meets once per week. The class consists of basic ballet exercises. Movement, coordination, marching, skipping, galloping, stretching, and identifying right from left are also taught.

  • Ballet II (8-10yrs)

All vocabulary and technique of previous levels will be incorporated with the addition of arm positions, first arabesque, directions of the body, and uses of the head. Students are expected to take at least 1 class per week, though 2 classes is highly encouraged.

  • Ballet IV (10 over)

All vocabulary of the previous levels is incorporated. Students begin working in a more serious capacity. Students are expected to take to take three classes per week and can take up to six.

  • Tap I, II, and III (All ages)

Please inquire about the appropriate level according to tap experience.

  • Primary Ballet (5-7yrs)

This class is 60 minutes and meets once per week. Slightly more intensive ballet technique and terminology are taught as students are developmentally ready. Students will learn classical arm and feet positions.

  • Ballet II-III (9 over)

This class is designed for students who have completed 1-2 years of ballet II, and will prepare students for the intermediate levels of Ballet III-IV. Students are expected to take at least 2 classes per week.

  • Ballet V-VI (12 over)

All vocabulary of the previous levels is incorporated. These highest levels are for advanced and pre-professional students looking to push their technique. Students are expected to take to take three classes per week and can take up to six.

  • Ballet I (7-8yrs)

Students are expected to take one 60 minute class per week and can take more than one class per week if desired. More intensive training is introduced as well as more complex vocabulary and technique.

  • Ballet III (10 over)

All vocabulary from the previous levels is incorporated and pointe is introduced. Students are encouraged to take 3 technique classes per week plus 1 pointe technique class.

Pointe students will be evaluated and informed of advancement into pointe by the conservatory directors only! This may mean the student will perhaps not go on pointe even if another school has determined they are ready. The health of the student is the foremost concern. Students in level III who are serious and interested in progressing to pointe work may be encouraged by the director to enroll in a pointe class (though continuing to dance in flat ballet shoes) to help build strength and prepare for when they are promoted. 



Fall 2019 Tuition for Children's Classes

Fall Term: August 26th - December 7th

Schramel Conservatory of Dance accepts payments via cash, check (made out to Schramel Conservatory of Dance, or SCOD) or credit card.
Tuition can also be paid online.

Registration Fee: $25.00 (one per family) New Students only

1 class/week: $300.00

2 classes/week: $450.00

3 classes/week: $570.00

4 classes/week: $660.00

5 classes/week: $720.00

Unlimited Evenings + Saturday Morning Class: $900.00

Unlimited Evenings + All 10:00am Morning Classes: $1300.00


Dress Code



Girls enrolled in dance classes at Schramel Conservatory must wear black leotard, pink full footed tights and pink ballet slippers. Students at level III and above will be considered for pointe and directors will determine when a student is ready for pointe. Girls in our Pre-Ballet classes may wear a simple black or chiffon ballet skirt. 

Hair must be secured in a clean, high bun for Ballet I through advanced level classes. If a child is unable to secure their hair, they will not be allowed to advance to the graded levels I-Advanced. Proper hair is essential for learning turning skills in the higher level classes. 


Boys enrolled in dance classes at Schramel Conservatory should wear black or gray tights, black ballet slippers and a t-shirt. Boys in our Pre-ballet classes may wear shorts, t-shirts and ballet slippers. Dance belts should be worn by students in the Ballet II level and higher.

Children enrolled in our Schramel Conservatory's Contemporary / Modern dance classes are allowed to wear black footless tights.


Performance Opportunities



By Audition Only. Students MUST audition to be considered for New Orleans Ballet Theatre’s Nutcracker at the Orpheum Theater. All participants must be available for rehearsals Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons, and for theater rehearsals and performances December 9-22.


AUDITION—Saturday, September 7, 2019
Schramel Conservatory of Dance (920 Terpsichore St.)

Ages 5-8

  • Registration: 12:30-1pm

  • Audition: 1pm-2pm

Ages 9-11

  • Registration: 1:30-2pm

  • Audition: 2pm-3pm

Ages 12-18

  • Registration: 2:30-3pm

  • Audition: 3pm-4pm

Bring Audition Registration Form and $20 Audition Fee upon arrival.

IMPORTANT Cast Information 

Spring Recital

All SCOD students in all levels are invited to perform in the annual Spring Recital at Loyola’s Roussel Hall in May.

Students will perform classwork learned throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. Rehearsals take place during normally-scheduled class time. Recital and costume fees apply.